Audio Murphy is one of the characters that debuted in the second season of The Doodlebops. He first appears in The Doodlebop Holiday Show and is puppeteered and voiced by Jason Hopley in the second season and Frank Meschkuleit in the third season.


Audio Murphy is a blue dog puppet with blue sunglasses, a red hat, and a red shirt with a music note on it. He typically wears headphones.


Audio Murphy is wise, cool, and kind to the Doodlebops. He always has a way for the Doodlebops to decide. He is also the Doodlebops video producer. He claims that his middle name was a "Surprise", but it was only an expression. He also loves to knit.


  • In season 3 he has a different voice.
  • It was revealed in The Solo Surprise that he loves to knit.
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