Bob's Bus is a tour bus driven by Bus Driver Bob. It first appears in Doodlebop Photo Op.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It is a bright blue, dark pink and red-orange tour bus with decorations of stars and paisleys. It has stars on the doors, a bright blue color inside the wheels, and a radar-looking device on the back. There is no visible license plate. The motor lives inside of the hood.

Inside[edit | edit source]

The inside of the bus is a red-velvet color. Bob's seat is red and orange with fringe on the bottom. Surrounding Bob's seat are various bus controls, the steering wheel, various levers and gadgets, and a fan. Behind Bob's seat is a bright blue border and a decoration. There is a table with four seats to sit the Doodlebops and red seat belts. There are seven windows which are adorned with multicolored curtains. There are various suitcases in the back of the bus, as well as a box for storage.

Role in series[edit | edit source]

The Doodlebops[edit | edit source]

In the 2005 series, the bus appears with Bob when it's time for the Doodlebops to go to their concert.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was revealed in Step By Step that the bus had learned a new dance from the dance book: the bus twist.
  • It broke down three times: in The Move Groove, The Bad Day and All By Myself.
  • Starting in season 2, the bus can change into other modes of transportation.
  • The bus bears a resemblance to the Ford B700 series school bus.
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