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The Imagination Movers are a children's band originating in New Orleans. This band is composed of Imagination Mover Rich (portrayed by Rich Collins), Imagination Mover Scott (portrayed by Scott Durbin), Imagination Mover Dave (portrayed by Dave Poche), and Imagination Mover Smitty (portrayed by Scott Smith), all of whom are fathers and act on their TV show (appropriately named Imagination Movers). Since 2003, the Imagination Movers has released 9 albums and entertained fans of all ages.

Connections with the Doodlebops[edit | edit source]

  • Both the Imagination Movers and the Doodlebops performed at Walt Disney World's Playhouse Disney In Concert (even though they had different dates - Doodlebops performed on Aug. 20th-23rd, 2008 and the Movers performed Aug. 13th-14th and again on Sept. 18th-24th, 2008). Even another group named The Wiggles performed at the same concert.
  • The Movers sang a cover of "I Wan'na Be Like You" on the album Disney Music Block Party, in which the Doodles covered Under the Sea.
  • On their show:
    • Mover Dave is an inventor much like Rooney Doodle.
    • Mover Scott plays keyboard, similar to how Deedee Doodle plays keyboard.
    • Mover Rich plays drums, similar to the fact that Moe Doodle plays drums.
    • There's both a recurring opening and closing song similar to the Doodlebops TV series.
  • The Movers underwent several (costume) changes during their history, similar to the fact that the Doodles underwent several changes in between their 3 seasons (click here to view all of the changes).
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