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The following is a list of episodes of the Doodlebop spinoff Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show.

Title card Episode title Episode description Prod. #
Splish Splash Fun The Doodlebops bring Lucy to the biggest water park in the Doodlenet. 101a
Messy-Potamia Jamie doesn’t understand why he’s always being told to tidy his room so the Doodlebops take him to Messy-Potamia – the messiest place in the Doodlenet. 101b
The Trumpet That Roared The Doodlebops want to rock Trumpet-Pa-Looza but none of them can play the trumpet. They contact Alice - a talented trumpet player who is too shy to play in front of people. The Doodles take her on an adventure through the Doodlenet to find ways to build her confidence. 102a
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