The following is a list of episodes from The Doodlebops' first season.

Title card Episode name Episode Description Production #
Doodlebop Photo Op The Doodlebops argue over who gets to be on the front cover of a magazine. 101
Keep Trying Rooney feels discouraged when he can't play his new invention right. 102
O Solo Moe Moe gets stage fright before his scheduled solo. 103
Cauliflower Power Deedee and Moe try various attempts in hopes of getting Rooney to taste cauliflower. 104
All Together Now The Doodlebops argue over which song to play at the concert. 105
Tap Tap Tap Deedee puts on red tap shoes and immediately starts dancing and won't stop. 106
Bird is the Word Rooney watches out for a very rare species of bird which everyone but him can see. 107
Count on Me The Doodlebops promise Mazz that they will reply to all their fan mail before their concert. 108
Fast and Slow Moe With Rooney's new invention, Moe accidentally gets zapped into ultra-slow motion. 109
Jumping Judy When the Doodlebops need another act for their latest concert, Jumping Judy shows up. 110
Very Scary The Doodlebops are frightened when a thunderstorm strikes; an unexpected visitor shows up. 111
Queen for a Deedee Deedee becomes a queen, only for her to boss around Rooney and Moe: her "servants". 112
The Move Groove When Bus Driver Bob calls The Doodlebops letting them know his bus has broken down, the group takes many forms of transportation to get to their concert. 113
Strudel Doodle The Doodlebops take responsibility for a dog that randomly shows up at their clubhouse. 114
Look in a Book Moe wants to play. However, all of his friends seem to be reading books. 115
High and Low The Doodlebops go all out recording various high and low frequency sounds to use for their latest song. 116
Gibble Gobble Nabber Gabber The Doodlebops experience one of the strangest days they ever experienced. 117
The Bad Day The Doodlebops learn how to cope when things go wrong. 118
Wobbly Whoopsy Rooney and Moe have difficulties trying to give Deedee a birthday present. 119
What? When? Why? Deedee and Moe want to fly a kite, but they have to wait for Rooney, who is asking lots of questions. 120
Roar Like A Dinosaur The Doodlebops learn about dinosaurs. 121
Growing Moe Moe is filled with disappointment because he thinks he is small. 122
Abracadeedee Deedee becomes a magician, making things disappear but not reappear. 123
What Did You See Today? The Doodlebops search for lyrics to go with their instrumental. 124
Junk Funk When their instruments vanish, The Doodlebops learn that they can use household items as musical instruments. 125
Glad Sad Bumpy Grumpy The Doodlebops are dressed as superheroes and try to find help. 126
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