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The following is a list of season 2 episodes of The Doodlebops.

Title card Episode title Episode description Production #
The Doodlebop Holiday Show The Doodlebops celebrate different holidays. 201
The Eww Flower Deedee decides Doodlebop Central would be brightened up with plants. Everyone agrees until she brings in her favorite plant. It has an awful smell but Deedee can't smell it due to a cold. 202
The Mighty Moe Machine Rooney invents a drum machine but he and Deedee try to keep it a secret from Moe. Moe takes a look at it and believes they are planning to eliminate him from the band. 203
Bring-a-Sound-Arounder Rooney invents a device that makes people hear better. 204
All Aboard the Doodle Train The Doodlebops wrote a new song on trains, but they have to keep a secret on the bus. 205
Switch-a-Doodle The Doodlebops switch hobbies for a day. 206
Star Struck Deedee's favorite singer Zimmy Zimzam visits Doodlebop Central. 207
A Different Look The Doodlebops decide to dress differently for a day. 208
Deedee Superstar A rock and roll superstar magazine lavishes praise on Deedee which goes to her head causing the boys to think she's going solo. 209
Best Hider Ever After Moe is declared "best hider ever", Rooney invents a machine that makes him invisible. 210
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