The following is a list of episodes from The Doodlebops' third season.

Title card Episode name Episode description Production #
The Name Game The Doodlebops receive a letter from a fan asking them what's new; Moe wonders if changing the band's name will give them a fresh look. 301
Moe's Invention Moe uses Rooney's invention parts and invents a machine to let things and people float. This makes Rooney, the inventor of the group, jealous. 302
Rhymes with Orange Jazzmin plays a rhyming game with the Doodlebops. All is fine, until Moe gives her the word "orange" which causes Jazzmin to lose her rhyme. 303
Think Pink Deedee wishes she could turn things pink. 304
The Chicken and the Eggs The Doodlebops discover that the chicken can answer questions by laying eggs that indicate yes or no. 305
All By Myself Audio Murphy learns that it is best to ask for help rather than taking on more than a person can handle. 306
Moe's Dinosaur Moe has a model dinosaur kit to put together but refuses to use the instruction manual. 307
Deedee's Accordion Jazzmin introduces the group to Zydeco music. 308
Robo-Moe Moe has to go to a drummer's meeting, so Rooney invents a robot that looks and acts like Moe. 309
Oh, Brother Bus Driver Bob's identical twin brother Rob visits Doodlebop Central. 310
The Frazzles The Doodles try to conquer various tongue twisters. 311
Way Better Jazzmin arrives with toys for everyone, but Moe is jealous of the other Doodlebops' toys. 312
Around the World Jazzmin books the Doodlebops for a world tour. 313
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