Mazz is a character who only appeared during the first season of The Doodlebops. She was the Doodlebops' band manager until she was replaced with Jazzmin introduced in the season 2 episode The Doodlebop Holiday Show. She first appeared in Doodlebop Photo Op and was portrayed by Kim Roberts.


Mazz is a tan-skinned black woman with curly hair who wears makeup and jewelry. She wears two outfits. The first was a white shirt paired with crotchets and the second was a pink shirt under a pink leopard-print waistcoat in which is paired with orange trousers.


Mazz is the Doodlebops' band manager who had the power to rhyme on each sentence. She entered and exited their playroom when the bookcase door open, singing a jazzy scat song. She sang parts of musical numbers in the Doodlebops' playroom, such as Count to Ten, Gibble Gobble Nabber Gabber (Backwards Kind of Day), and Take a Look (In a Book).


  • It is unknown why Kim Roberts left the show.
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