Moe Doodle is a major character in the Doodlebops. He is a Doodlebop along with Deedee Doodle and Rooney Doodle. He is able to breakdance and play the drums. He first appeared in Doodlebop Photo Op and is portrayed by Jonathan Wexler.


Moe is a yellow-orange-skinned boy with red, shaggy hair. He wears a yellow striped shirt with small images of drums on the front and, starting in season 2, on his sleeves, under a purple shaggy fur vest. He wears orange and red velvet flared pants with yellow knee pads and yellow and orange Converse-like shoes. Underneath the striped shirt, he wears a pink and yellow psychedelic patterned shirt with light pink flowers on it.

Changes to Appearance

Season 1

Moe (left) in series 1

Moe debuted in the first season wearing a yellow-orange hood with fake ears attached to it, making him more cartoon-like. He has heavier makeup compared to the later seasons.

Moe (middle) in series 2

Season 2

Moe has lighter makeup than in season 1. He now has drums on his sleeves rather than being only on the front of his shirt. When he gets on Bob's bus, he wears an orange, red, and yellow letterman jacket. When he performs on stage, he has a shiny version of his outfit including glitter and tinsel on his vest, shiny knee pads, and glitter on his pants.

Moe (left) in series 3

Season 3

Moe in Rockin' Road Show

Not much has changed with Moe in the third season, but his outfit for when he performs on stage is less shiny than his concert outfit he wore during the second season.

Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show

In the spinoff Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show, Moe's outfit differs from his normal outfit. He no longer has drums on his shirt, and his pants lack some color. He also has four fingers as opposed to the five he had on The Doodlebops.


Moe is the youngest of the Doodlebops and he loves to play. He is full of fun! He loves to hide all over the place and have his siblings find him. He also loves playing his drums, being loud, and to pull a rope regardless of his siblings' warnings of pulling it.


Since he is the youngest of the trio, Moe tends to be rambunctious.


  • "Ta-Da! Here I am!" - Whenever he is found
  • "Shh." - Whenever he's seen onscreen hiding somewhere and shushes.
  • "Ready! 1, 2, 3, 4!"
  • "Refreshing!" - Whenever he is dumped in water.
  • "Hey, you..crazy bird!" Moe getting upset right after the Bandy-Legged Bubble-Brained Booby Bird pulled the rope and water got dumped on Moe in Bird is the Word.
  • "Aaaaaa-gaaaaaaaaiiiin!" Moe after he pulled the rope and Deedee and Rooney sang, "Water dumped on Moe!" in What Did You See Today?.
  • "Oh! There's one thing I gotta do first!" whenever the rope falls from the ceiling
  • "Don't pull the rope!" - Before the Bandy-Legged Bubble-Brained Booby Bird pulled the rope in Bird is the Word
  • "You're building a stairway...a stairway to heaven!" - When guessing what Deedee was trying to tell him and Rooney in Show and Tell.
  • "I am smilin', stylin', and frazzle free!


  • It is revealed in the episode The Solo Surprise that Moe likes to watch silent films.
  • In season 2, during the Where's Moe? segment, he can shrink in order to hide from his fellow Doodlebops. In season 1, however, Moe did not shrink and opted to hide behind props, inside of boxes, etc.
  • He has a Canadian accent.
  • Moe has slept three times - in the episode The Name Game, the Doodlebops Rockin Road Show episode Hiccupitis, and at the end of the music video for Let's Get Loud.
  • Moe was in the circus once with Mr. Moosehead. This is revealed in O Solo Moe.
  • In The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour, he is played by Aaron Sax.
  • Fans of the show tend to have a crush on him.
  • Moe wore his pajamas in O Solo Moe and the Rockin' Road Show episode Night Light.
  • Moe's favourite song of theirs is Get On The Bus. This is revealed in Behind The Makeup [Backstage Pass in Live in Concert DVD].
  • Moe's loud snoring sound was very loud, according to the Doodlebops episode, Hiccupitis and in the end of the Music video, Let's Get Loud!.
  • It is implied that he is a fan of Led Zeppelin, as he referenced their 1971 hit 'Stairway to Heaven' in the episode Show and Tell.
  • In The Frazzles, it is revealed that Moe is very good at tongue twisters.
  • His hairstyle was inspired by the members of the rock band Kiss.
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