Mr. Moosehead is a character on The Doodlebops. He first appears in Doodlebop Photo Op and is voiced by Rob Stefaniuk.


Mr. Moosehead is a giant brown moose head on a plaque.


Mr. Moosehead is wise and speaks cool in the show. His catchphrase was "Go, Doodlebops!" in the beginning of each episode.

Notable roles in episodes

In most episodes, he says "Where's Moe?" and "Don't Pull the Rope!". He also remarks after the pledge.

In the beginning of O Solo Moe, he tells Deedee that he, along with Moe, was in the circus and the performers called him "The Marvelous Moose".

In Queen for a Deedee, since Deedee was playing queen and her brothers were her "knights", the trio needed an enemy, so Deedee decided that the enemy was the "very very dangerous moose" and Rooney gave him characteristics of dragons. Throughout the episode he tells the trio that he is not dangerous.

In the beginning of High and Low, Mr. Moosehead loses his wig due to Moe's spinning. Deedee and Rooney throw the wig back to him, and he asks the two Doodlebops if he likes it. Deedee says that it looks "moosey" on him. He replies that he "takes great pride in [his] moosey-ness".

In The Bad Day, Mr. Moosehead once made Mazz spill her juice.

In Roar Like A Dinosaur, upon hearing Moe's horn, Rooney asks Mr. Moosehead what that noise was. He tells him that the sound came from mice. He goes into more detail telling him that the sound came from "special honking mice, from Argentina" causing the Talking Busts to say "Goodness Gracious!"

In the beginning of Abracadeedee, Moe takes the place of Mr. Moosehead. Deedee and Rooney were talking about cutting Moe's hair off as a plan to catch Moe. After The Doodlebop Pledge, the real Mr. Moosehead tells the three that he thinks Moe would look better without his hair.

In Glad Sad Bumpy Grumpy, Moe, or Mighty Loud Moe, yelled to Mr. Moosehead if he needed help, to which he yelled back at Moe, declining because he doesn't need help.


  • "Go... Doodlebops!" - After the episode titles disappeared in season 1
  • "Where is Moe?" - Whenever he asks "where's Moe?"
  • "Don't pull the rope!" - Whenever Moe is about to pull the rope



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