Mudge is one of the minor characters in The Doodlebops. He first appears in Doodlebop Photo Op and is puppeteered and performed by Ron Stefaniuk.


Mudge is a purple and light blue cat. He has purple and blue fur mixed and his face is blue with a purple spot. He has orange eyes and when he sleeps, he has blue and purple eyelids. His paws are blue with orange claws.


Mudge lives in Deedee's vanity. Similar to the personality of Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street, Mudge gets grouchy sometimes and is the victim of her knock knock jokes. After Deedee and Rooney find Moe, Mudge pronounced the band's name wrong.


  • Mudge wore many costumes in Season 2.
  • He was a hot dog attendant at a hot dog stand during the knock knock jokes in Season 2.
  • In the episode Where's Mudge?, Mudge stowed away in the Doodlebops bus.
  • It is revealed in Strudel Doodle that Mudge doesn't like dogs.
  • In Abracadeedee, he was a part of Deedee's magic act.
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